A New Year Brings About New Ta-Tas

New Years is right around the corner and you know what that means-people around the globe will be making promises and resolutions to lead a better life. Some of them will be kept, yes.  But most will likely end up being an afterthought once the month of January rolls by like they do year after year.  My past resolutions have attempted to tackle all sorts of things; losing weight, having a more forgiving heart, and so on and so forth. I’m not going to discuss how many of them have actually had success though because sure, positive intentions are good and all, but what’s the point of aiming to better yourself if you know it won’t be followed through? Well, how about totally changing the whole resolution game, making your New Year’s resolution, or shall I say procedure, a guarantee that whatever procedure you decide on will be with you for the rest of eternity. I’m talking about plastic surgery of course.

New York plastic surgeon, Dr. Steven Greenberg is offering just that with his breast augmentation package. For $100,000, clients receive roundtrip airfare from New York to Miami, accommodations at luxury penthouse suites for a month (that alone is worth the price. Hello, fabulous chic suite stays!), a New Year’s calendar loaded with ultra hip activities like entrance to Lady Gaga’s performance at the Fontainebleau, the John Legend and Kid Cudi concert at the W Hotel in South Beach, as well at Brody Jenner’s party at the Gansevoort. Also included in this fabulous New Year’s package are the spa treatments and various recovery services after your boobs, er, I mean breasts have been augmented. So, this holiday don’t pledge to do good deeds for others, instead, pledge to do something good for yourself-go get a pair of larger, perkier, prettier breasts!

Via: Luxist