2009 Said Good-bye to These San Francisco Restaurants

Many restaurants suffered the downfall of our country’s economy this year. Although many were replaced by other concepts, such as South, Laiola, and Acme Chophouse, most of them closed up shop for good. Let us take a moment of silence to give our condolences to the restaurateurs that suffered a rough year, and give hope to those that may be more prosperous in 2010.

Here are the Restaurants that closed in the San Francisco area in 2009:
1. Two
2. Tagine
3. Hime
4. Cortez
5. Pres a Vi
6. Levende Lounge
7. Carnelian Room
8. Postrio
9. Jeany at Jack’s
10. Jack Falstaff
11. Brick
12. Cafe Majestic
13. Bong Su
14. Medicine
15. Mecca
16. Baraka
17. Zinnia
18. Laiola
19. South
20. Acme Chophouse

Via: 7 x 7