Spacecraft’s New Hollywood Hotspot

The Spacecraft design team has teamed up with Vincent Laresca, co-owner of West Hollywood’s Villa, to design the latest high-end venue to hit Hollywood.

Kris Keith and the rest of the Spacecraft crew are the creative minds behind some of LA’s hautest spots, and they are about to add a new space in Hollywood to their distinguished repertoire. By joining forces with Villa’s co-owner, Vincent Laresca, Spacecraft has taken over the former Central space to create a new place described only as “half theater, half restaurant, and sort of like a supper club.” While it may seem vague, it’s already creating quiet the hype around town and is expected to open in the next three to four months.

The space has no name yet, but there’s still time to pull that together as the opening date approaches. Stay tuned!

Via: Eater LA