The Caviar and Crustacean Atomic Hamper

Grab your lobster bibs because The First Society has just produced the “Caviar and Crustacean Atomic” hamper, rumored to be the most expensive seafood hamper in the world.

The Fish Society is one of the UK’s most renowned mail-order producers of seafood, and they have just rolled out what may very well be their greatest creation to date.  The “Caviar and Crustacean Atomic” hamper costs approximately $4,120 and is filled to the brim with 17 different delicacies from every corner of the globe. Among these delicacies are “16-inch giant Siberian crab legs, extra large crab claws from Chile, freshly cooked native UK lobster, and four kinds of prawns, including half pounders from Madagascar.” The cherry on the top, so to speak, is a centerpiece made from 1.6 pounds of Sevruga caviar—decadent enough yet?

The hamper is the perfect addition to any party this holiday season, and the chairman of Fish Society, James Smith, feels that this exclusive seafood hamper is an ideal way to eliminate the stress of putting together the assortment, since the exquisite “balance of items has already been preselected for the customer.”  If you’re wondering how that price is holding up in terms of demand, Smith adds, “It’s not difficult to get these price points if you are dealing in meaningful amounts of caviar. I can assure you that it’s good value.”

 Via: Luxist