That Which Glitters is Gold

Maison Ventury Paris’ Divine Collection has just reached a new level of luxurious comfort. This season, the brand’s products will include a revamped Divine Collection Millesime 2010 that includes beautiful furniture including a lounge chair that sparkles with 24 carat gold and crystals. 

Epitomizing luxury, Maison Ventury Paris’ Divine series is bringing an amazing new collection right into your home. The newly revamped Divine Collection Millesime 2010 features a unique mix of rock chic, sophisticated styles, golden touches, vintage spirit, and exquisite couture materials.

 One piece in particular has caught our haute little eye, and that is the sparkling lounge chair with 24 carat gold and crystals. Customers are even able to customize their own furniture pieces by selecting the materials and patterns they wish to be used. The price of a Divine starts at approximately $1800, with some pieces reaching five digits.

Divine doesn’t only stand out from its competitors because of its 24 carat accents, but the line is also “cruelty-free”, meaning no animals were harmed during the production of any of the products.

Via: Luxury Launches