Michael Kilroy Lists Multiple Palm Springs, CA Homes

While some people are scraping their savings account to try to keep up with the wavering economy, some more fortunate, and undoubtedly business savvy, individuals are selling off their multiple properties that are listed for millions of dollars each to make ends meet. Ok, there probably aren’t that many people out there like this, but there are enough to take note. California-based business man, Michael Kilroy owns numerous prime properties and he has just listed a trio of homes in Palm Springs, California, on the market for a combined total of $20,250,000.

Known for his so-called “property collecting”, Michael Kilroy’s accumulation of wealth is somewhat a mystery to many people. His father, however, is an aeronautical engineer from Palos Verdes, California whose name appears on multiple patents for toys manufactured by Mattel, but whether or not his father’s success has anything to do with his own wealth is unclear.

Regardless, Michael Kilroy is a man who clearly has some seriously deep pockets and enviable credit lines because the estates he’s unleashing to the relentless real estate market are nothing to scoff at.

One of the three homes that Kilroy has listed is located on Southridge Drive in Palm Springs, California and it’s listed at $13,890,000. The 8,901-square-foot home features five bedrooms, five and half baths, and is quite literally one of the most architecturally significant homes to date. Known as The Elrod House, it was designed by John Lautner in 1968 for interior designer Arthur Elrod and has since been featured in countless books, magazines, museum exhibitions, and even the 1971 James Bond film, Diamonds are Forever. For those interested, a number of Playboy shoots have also been done in the home, and specifically shoots featuring the sleek front door that leads to the main space of the residence by way of patterned and dramatic black slate.

The iconic home is perched high up on the Southridge enclave making it easily viewable for residents throughout Palm Springs. The epic, dome-like concrete roof is perforated by nine angled, triangular sections fitted with skylights that allow indirect light to seep into the enormous circular two-level living room that measures 60 feet wide. The entire home is very sparsely furnished with sofas that “follow the gentle curve of the architecture and lay low enough as to not interfere with the view of Palm Springs.” How thoughtful.

The beautiful home has a long and narrow galley style kitchen which is separated from the living space by a long, curving wall. Of course, as expected, the home also features a colossal master bedroom with walls of meticulously matched exotic woods and numerous closets. Kilroy also enjoys a hidden bar and refrigerator in the master suite  subtly stored behind the elegant walls.  

Of course, this is California so there is an infinity edged swimming pool. But this pool has a special and unique feature; there is a gigantic glass curtain walls that allows for outdoor or indoor swimming with an easy opening or closing of the wall. There is also a guest house, staff quarters, fireplaces, and a private gym.

Records show that Kilroy purchased the home from supermarket mogul Ron Burkle in 2003 for $5.5 million.

Via: Real Estalker