Look Better Naked

Halloween treats are settling in the fat cells and with various winter holidays approaching, we see many more treat-filled feasts resting on America’s hips and bellies. But the command to “Look Better Naked” won’t be so frightening this holiday season with some regularly scheduled visits to David Barton Gym.

With locations thriving all over the country—three in New York, one in Chicago, one in Seattle, and of course, our two Miami venues at the Gansevoort South and the Flamingo—David Barton, our Haute Ambassador of Fitness, explained in the most recent issue of Haute Living Miami that despite the economy, he still doubled in size in the last year.

Designed with an athlete in mind, David Barton Gyms are arranged in such a way as to guide members through a whole-body workout, while still exuding a sexy vibe that inspires people to get the blood pumping and get in shape.

Read more about the evolution of David Barton, his mission to make Americans look better naked, and his “personal philosophy when it comes to physical fitness is ‘Salvation Through Corporal Reality.’ It’s a combination of the Dali Lama with a hardcore heroin addict…but healthy.”

Via: Haute Living Miami