Haute Home Addition: The Baden DVD Bathtub

Ever felt like something was missing during your supposedly-relaxing bath time? Not enough room, books get wet, missing your favorite TV show, no place to rest your head, and god forbid you forgot to pour that glass of wine you placed in the kitchen during bath preparation. Well, fear not, there is a new bathtub available that is fully stocked to ensure complete bath time satisfaction.

If you can’t make it to your regular spa treatments for some reason, why not have access to similar joys at home? Baden bath has just released a DVD bathtub for your extreme comfort and luxury. The tub is truly like a personal entertainment system in your bathroom, as it includes a build-in DVD player, digital stereo system with remote control, a wide head rest, a faucet with 10 jet spaces that can be adjusted or detached, and even a mini wine bar. Problem. Solved.

The bathtub measures in at 6.25 feet in length and width and is approximately two feet deep. It is priced at $12,700.

Oh, and did I mention the DVD bathtub is self-cleaning? Meaning you can keep those extra five minutes you normally would be cleaning for extra soaking time of your own. Glorious.  

Via: Luxury Launches