GQ’s Chef of the Year Revealed

What defines “making it” as a chef? Owning your own restaurant? National and/or international recognition? A television show? How about being chosen as GQ magazine’s Chef of the Year; would that help? Let’s ask Chef Jose Andres.

Spanish chef, Jose Andres is on top of the world this week with the announcement that he has been crowned Chef of the Year by GQ magazine. And in case you were wondering, he also owns numerous restaurants, has a cooking show on PBS, and maintains solid recognition pretty much where ever he goes. So yes, I think Andres classifies as someone who has “made it”.

Often referred to as “Spain’s unofficial ambassador to the United States,” Andres is known for his ability to keep his food uncomplicated yet irresistible. He is the proud owner of some of Washington, DC’s greatest Spanish inspired restaurants, including Café Atlantico, Jaleo, Zaytinya, Oyamel, and his critically-acclaimed minibar by jose andres. His cuisine typically involves small plates as an expansion of the Spanish tapas concept.

As GQ’s Forked & Corked writer, Alan Richman, notes, “There’s even intimacy in small plates, the sharing of a couple of bites. Nobody does this better or more expansively than Andres, and it’s no coincidence that the five dishes I liked best at his restaurants in Washington, DC. and Los Angeles are all miniaturized.”  Some of Richman’s favorite Andres creations include Ferran Adria-influenced parmesan eggs migas, tortilla de patatas, and a fermin (jamon) platter.


In addition to this latest nod to the exquisite chef from GQ, last month Andres’s restaurant, The Bazaar, was named Best New Restaurant of 2009 by Esquire. With all of that under his chef coat, only time will tell what the master chef will bring in the coming year.


Via:  Grub Street, Jose Andres, GQ