Frederic Malle to Open Upper East Side Boutique

Parisian perfume publisher, Frederic Malle, is set to open an Upper East Side boutique and atelier and it is bound to be as fragrant as it is beautiful.

Frederic Malle is the Parisian perfume publisher responsible for Les Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle, a brand which commissions fragrances by the most knowledgeable noses around. While scents may be Malle’s forte, for the past two year his whole world has been dedicated to interiors, and now he is finally bringing it all together and releasing scents for the home this month. Malle says, “Most of the home stuff is a bit wrong because it’s a home version of a woman’s scent,” so to solve this dilemma, Malle found perfumers to develop nine new fragrances that, to him, “either smell like home or things that I think embellish life.” The result: realistic scents, “portraits” of flowers as possible for the home.

His new Upper East Side boutique and atelier is set to open soon along with the release of his home style fragrances. The collection will of course include candles (in hand-blown, logo-less red glass) in addition to Rubber Incense made with 100 percent recyclable plastic, a 21st-century take on the French lavender sachet, and Fleurs Mecaniques, a sleek, silent wireless red cute that diffuses pure scent through your desired room.

The Fleurs Mecaniques will be used in Malle’s first New York location, which will be a grand yet somehow intimate space on Madison Avenue elegantly filled with his own furniture and art.

Here is a quick list of the nine new scents coming from Malle:

Un Gardenia dans La Nuit
Available as a candle, or as a Fleur Mecanique. For the Gardenia lovers.

1er Mai
Available as a candle, or as Fleur Mecanique. A cluster of Lily of the Valley.

Rosa Rugosa
Available as a candle, and as a Fleur Mecanique. Inspired by wild rose bushes

Rhubrum Lily
Available as a candle and as a Fleur Mecanique.

Jurassic Flower
Available as a candle and as a fleur mecanique. Floral with citrus top notes.

Saint des Saints
Available as a candle and rubber incense. Analyses of Indian temples lead to the
creation of this mystical fragrance.

Coffee Society
Available as a candle. This candle attempts to recreate that ephemeral odor of the living room after the end of a Parisian dinner.

Russian Nights
Available as a candle. Notes of nutmeg, cinnamon, iris and sandalwood.

Santal Cardamom
Available as a candle. Reconstitution of the scent of Sandalwood.


Via: Vanity Fair