Ferrari Maserati Fort Lauderdale Grand Opening Party

Fort Lauderdale’s new FerrariMaserati shop had their invite-only, catered grand opening party October 22, 2009. Attracting 600 of South Florida’s upper echelon, including Dolphins and Heat players, top plastic surgeons, and car collectors, millionaires got to mingle with fellow millionaires while checking out the new 30,000-square-foot storefront. In the party invite, Garrett S. Hayim, owner of this storefront and also has another in Long Island, wrote, “High performance, luxury Italian automobiles are literal works of mechanical art. We needed a showroom that was the perfect setting to show off the craftsmanship and aesthetic beauty of those amazing automobiles.” The star of the night was the road race champ crafted in 1965 that goes by the name of “Competizione Speciale” Ferrari, which it has been rumored that its owner turned down a $35 million offer for the car. With roughly only 4,000 fine Italian cars made annually only available in 33 U.S. dealerships, Ferraris have been able to maintain a full waiting list, remain in very high demand, and keep its exclusivity through this tough economy. Hayim’s Ferrari Maserati Fort Lauderdale proved this point with its successful turnout at its first class opening party.

Via: Page 2 Live, New Times