Damien Hirst Gets the Last Laugh

Artist Damien Hirst once again proves his critics wrong with an extremely successful show at White Cube, where he sold five of his seven largest pieces from his new “Nothing Matters” collection before the show even opened.

Renowned artist, Damien Hirst, has seen some less-than-flattering reviews from some critics for his latest collection which was exhibited at the Wallace Collection. But none of that seems to have deterred Hirst as he opened a new show at White Cube.

Hirst may not be some critic’s first choice, but art collectors apparently care about that as much as Hirst himself. Five of the seven largest pieces from his new “Nothing Matters” collection sold before the show at White Cute even opened, and the highest-priced piece sold for an impressive $15.7 million, despite its initial price point being only approximately $385,626.

Hirst’s show at White Cube will be exhibited through January 20, 2010, although interested viewers will have to remember that what they’re looking at is primarily already owned by some high-rolling art collectors.

Via: Luxist