Clinton: The Lady Next Door?

Hillary Clinton has always been someone that people are fascinated by—from her personal life to her political agenda, she has definitely made a name for herself that stands alone from simply being wife of Bill.

To sum up Jonathan van Meter’s Vogue discoveries while abroad in Africa with Mrs. Clinton, she has significant mannerisms that are reminiscent of a tabloid’s “Stars! They’re Normal People!” analysis.

First, let’s embark on her diva ways: she travels as part of a 24-car entourage. But really, in comparison, she’s got nothing on Obama’s super-diva 71 piece motorcade in Beijing, so maybe even this is down-to- earth by top politico standards.

The rest, as they say, is history. She does her own makeup, she tends to the press when they are dehydrated and sick, she’s humbled by NBA star Dikembe Mutumbo’s way with words, savors in the delicacy of an impromptu nap, watches AMC’s Mad Men, and not only hangs with the press, but also throws a few back with them as well.  She laughs, smiles, and cracks jokes with the best of them.

Quite refreshing from her seemingly stark image, no?

Via: NY Mag