Bouchon Los Angeles Opens Today

If you think you’re having a busy year, imagine what it must be like to be chef Thomas Keller. The high-demand chef has just opened yet another one of his world famous restaurants today, Bouchon in Los Angeles today and foodies everywhere are jumping for joy at the news.

As Chef Keller’s first Southern Californian eatery, Bouchon simply couldn’t open soon enough for fans of the delicious high-end chain. But now the wait is over. The Los Angeles restaurant opens today with a Bouchon location that takes on the typical form of Keller’s Bouchon restaurants and features a downstairs Bar Bouchon which is set to open in mid-December.

In addition to the Bouchon restaurant and Bar Bouchon, there are rumors that a Bouchon Bakery is set to open as well on location. We will, of course, keep you posted on that, however for the time being we think you’ll thoroughly enjoy what Keller currently has to offer at the Los Angeles location. The new restaurant features two levels, Bouchon upstairs, Bar Bouchon downstairs, and each floor has a separate bar and patio. The second floor where the Bouchon restaurant is located also features a lounge area and guests can enjoy classic bistro fare with seasonal influences, in addition to Keller’s signature raw bar.

At the new Bouchon, wine is headed by sommelier Alex Weil, pastry is handled by Scott Wheatfill, and the chef de cuisine is Rory Herrmann who also oversees the Napa and Vegas Bouchon kitchens.

Via: Los Angeles Eater