Bill & Melina Gates Foundation Helps Education

The Bill & Melina Gates Foundation will be donating more than $300 million towards training teachers and conducting research based on figuring out what components actually make a good teacher.

The importance of education cannot be overstated and Bill and Melina Gates are acknowledging its importance with a very generous $300 million donation. The bulk of the money, approximately $290 million, will be spread throughout Tampa, Pittsburgh, Memphis, and L.A, all cities which are home to testing ground school districts. In these four locations, the money will go towards teacher training and new programs and incentives to encourage the best teachers, and remove less effective ones.

Approximately $45 million will go toward research that will explore what actually makes for a good teacher. The Bill & Melina Gates Foundation chose four very diverse school districts in different corners of the country to examine what works and what doesn’t work in different parts of the United States.

Via: SFist