1.5 million Crystals Welcome Guests to Design Miami

 On December 1, art-lovers in Miami will be privy to a spectacular installation designed by architect Greg Lynn who has created a stunning seven meter high structure built out of carbon and 1.5 million crystals.

American architect Greg Lynn has pulled out all the sparkling stops for this show-stopping installation featuring 1.5 million crystals. The installation is intended for the ongoing Swarovski Crystal Palace project but will first be displayed here in Miami at the entrance of Design Miami, an exhibition in the city’s Design District.

Guests of Design Miami will be greeted by a unique display of pure architectural luxury. Lynn created the seven meter high structure using carbon-compressing techniques from the sailing and ship-building industries. Totaling more than a hundred thousand meters of carbon and aramid fibers, the structure’s frame exudes shades of black, gold, and crimson, while the 1.5 crystals, delicately set between the fibers, add a luminous sparkle in aquamarine, pink, red, peach, and blue.

Adding to the structure’s lightweight feel, the entire installation is made from lightweight, crystal-encrusted panel sails that measure in at just one millimeter thick. This delightfully striking work of art will be on display as of December 1, and guests can view it for themselves at Design Miami.

Via: Luxury Launches