The Millionaire’s Playground of Palm Beach

Like wide-eyed children in an opulent candy store, some of Palm Beach’s wealthiest residents and visitors can be found frolicking down the streets of the city’s renowned “Millionaire’s Playground”, located along Peruvian Avenue and, appropriately named, Worth Avenue.

The area is known for its charm, convenience, and character, but more importantly it’s known for its high-end shops, services, and fantastic restaurants. With a diverse and vibrant atmosphere, the Royal Park Addition, or Millionaire’s playground as it’s commonly referred to, is a picturesque showcase for people to see and be seen.
Designed by various architects including Howard Major, Edward Durell Stone, Howard Chilton, and John Stetson, the area features central blocks booming with long-standing business owners and professionals as well as a youthful, go-getting crowd adding to the vivaciousness of the avenues.

After purchasing a traditional Spanish home in 1971 and transforming it into the luxurious House of Kahn Estate Jeweler, former Chicago natives Adele Kahn and her husband Edward note, “Every property is one of a kind, every business owner has their own regards” allowing for the setting to resemble a highly valuable “piece of jewelry.”

Adjacent Peruvian Avenue reaps the benefits of its close proximity to Worth Avenue as realtor Earl Hollis points out, “Everything that goes down Worth comes up on Peruvian.” With a village-type atmosphere, locals and visitors alike appreciate the unique dappled building types and uses.

Peruvian Avenue has development plans in progress to maintain the impeccable charm of the area and try to keep up with the stylish décor of Worth Avenue. Plans include a landscaped piazza to front the Hibiscus parking lot and a mixed-use Mediterranean Revival building which is currently under construction. Some familiar with the area point out however, that the style gap between the two locations is somewhat difficult to bridge, as Worth Avenue is continuously developing to maintain its high-end appeal. As of late, the area is said to be planning a new clock tower and architectural columns.

Despite a perceived, albeit subtle, construction competition, the two avenues remain intricate parts of the millionaire’s playgrounds allure. Joining the streets bookend residential blocks is a stunning pedestrian-friendly environment which undoubtedly paves the way to maintaining the area’s unique quality, and making any visit to the “playground” truly worth it.

Via: Palm Beach News