The Art of Execution: Rounding Up Rock Fashion Week

It is often said that the devil is in the details, but this old adage has never been turned so gracefully on its head than throughout Rock Fashion Week at the Eden Roc in Miami Beach October 14-17, where success and style reigned supreme. With all the glitz and polished glamour carefully constructed to please both wannabe and seasoned fashionistas alike from the red carpet to the runway, privileged guests were free to ingest Stolichnaya to their heart’s content at the Gen Art kickoff party and complimentary cocktail lounge, and take in the latest fashion forward lines without so much as a thought about the diva-friendly details that made it all come together so seamlessly. Fortunately, they were in good hands.

“Our duties were multi-disciplinary and included media relations, guest list creation and management, celebrity wrangling, securing several dresses for The Pink Dress Collection, red carpet, and front and back-of-the-house,” said Tara Solomon, Principal of Tara, Ink., a bi-coastal creative marketing and public relations firm retained by Rock Media and Entertainment to be the agency of record for Miami Beach’s Rock Fashion Week. “For LA Fashion Week, we are doing the one-year anniversary party for the hip accessories emporium TenOverSix, as well as the grand opening of P on Sunset, an upscale men’s and women’s boutique.”

Rock Fashion Week, produced by Rock Media & Entertainment and Gen Art, consists of four-day artistically innovative events that celebrate the fusion of fashion and music like you’ve never seen it before, a series of must-see exhibitions that began in New York and will conclude in L.A. this week. The entertainment, media, and fashion powerhouses announced a wise merger of the two brands in August, an undoubtedly lucrative deal sure to sweeten the proverbial pot from which they draw their creative expertise. The new entity, Rock Media (or RMGA LLC), will be run by Scott Rosenblum and Nicole Purcell (who co-founded Rock Media and Entertainment in 2007), Gen Art CEO Ian Gerard, and Gen Art President Stefan Gerard. Rock Fashion Week Miami was the second joint event to be produced by the newly formed group, the first of which was kicked off at the 360Style shows in New York.

“We are thrilled to partner with Eden Roc Renaissance Miami Beach to host Rock Fashion Week in Miami,” said Rosenblum. “They reflect the true spirit and missive of Rock Media and Entertainment, as well as Rock Fashion Week. By uniting both entities, we have been able to put forward a remarkable set of shows and are so excited to share it with Miami once again.”

In addition to the media and PR giants that made Rock Fashion Week Miami such a huge success, the event’s many sponsors had a hand in the finished product as well. Besides Stolichnaya vodka, Mehron professional cosmetics, Elle jewelry, Rado watches and Cutler South Beach were among the many supporters that made it all possible.

“The tourists should know about Rock Fashion Week,” said Betty Alvarez, Media Services Manager for The Welcome Channel, a media sponsor for Rock Fashion Week and guest channel for the tourist population in South Florida. “They’re here in Miami this weekend and they don’t know what to do, so we tell them why not hit Rock Fashion Week? We were looking for a very young, professional crowd. We love our PR firm, we love working with them. I attended Rock Fashion Week last year and I’m amazed at what they can do.”

Whatever side of the red carpet you were on, one thing is abundantly clear: the power and drive behind the brand responsible for one of the nation’s premier fashion events is only gaining more momentum. The question is can you keep up?