San Francisco’s Fall Antiques Show

The San Francisco Fall Antiques Show is taking place from October 29 until November 1, 2009 and it is a must-see for anyone who can appreciate the value and beauty of a rare antique.

Taking place at the Bay Area’s Festival Pavilion at the Fort Mason Center, the San Francisco Fall Antiques show is second to none when it comes to continuously running international shows on the West coast. The show will feature around 70 dealers from the U.S. and Europe, and will provide exclusive access to a variety of decorative items from varying time periods and styles. There will be textiles, fine art, ceramics, jewelry, prints, and photography displayed and all items at the show have been vetted with the help of the Antiques Dealers Association of California which means that buyers can rest assured that they’re getting quality merchandise.

The show began in 1981 as the primary fundraiser for Enterprise for High School Students, and to this day, all proceeds from show admission ticket sales, Preview Party tickets, and catalog advertising goes to the non-profit to help support early career development and job referrals for students in the San Francisco area.

Also, if you do manage to get to the show, don’t miss any of the educational lectures that will be presented, including: The Antiquities Culture Wars, Napoleon’s Empire and Egypt.

Via: Luxist