Haute Speed: Ferrari 430 Scuderia 747HP Edizione

Tuned by Michael Schumacher, there are very few sports cars capable of out racing the Ferrari 430 Scuderia. Until now.

Novitec Rosso of Holland had a few tricks up his sleeve when he was approached by the unmatched Italian luxury carmaker to see what he could do with the new model of the car. With a pair of super chargers, intercoolers, and a revised engine control unit, Rosso boosted the Scuderia’s power up to 747 HP, which means it’s now able to push its supremely tuned engine up to 218 miles per hour.

The car will feature a special two-tone matte paint job, a host of interior modifications, and new rolling stock mounted to an upgraded suspension to round out the package. According to Russo, there will only be three of these extremely lavish cars made, and they will go for a third of a million dollars each.

Via: Luxist