Flirting Season’s Almost Over

It looks like nothing more than a typical Hollywood Boulevard storefront from the street.  In fact, it looked at first like something to avoid at all costs.  The King King club on Hollywood Blvd (too close to Highland for comfort, really) is a treasure that, while not exactly hidden, is underrated.  In the unlikeliest of places, it is an escape from the everyday of Hollywood and its surrounds.

The darkness of the club, its inviting leather booths, the red brick walls, and the backlit velvet curtain all invite you to commit dark deeds or at least watch them being enacted.  It’s a large space that they don’t necessarily fill and Mario Melendez, the club’s owner, has handpicked some very talented performers to entice your every whim.

Among the performances not to miss at the King King is Cati Jean’s “L’effleur des Sens” every other Thursday night.  Here’s the catch: tonight is the last performance of 2009!

“L’effleur des Sens” is a French cabaret-style show complete with classically trained dancers (read: models) and a very French host who may or may not come down and ask the audience a couple of spine-tingling questions to keep the momentum going.  Numbers to look out for are “Caged” and the finale. They’re Fosse-esque, they’re witty, they’re sexy, and those girls can dance.  Sidle into a booth and introduce your senses to some professional French flirts.