Watching Baseball Just Got Hauter

Baseball fans in San Francisco have a new way to enjoy America’s favorite game.  If sitting in the sun, having beer spilled on your shoes and eating greasy hotdogs isn’t appealing, the new San Francisco Virgin America Loft at AT&T Park is open for business.

This loft, built right into the stadium only 10 feet above the field, is available for $6,000 to $8,000 per game depending on catering options, and accommodates 40 fans.  It is on two levels and has both indoor and outdoor seating.  Perfect for group parties and corporations, the loft is equipped with 10 flat screen TVs, leather chairs, and Mp3, DVD, and PowerPoint capabilities.  The loft offers an up-close view of the action while still maintaining a secluded comfort.  The microbrewery beer 4 Copas organic margaritas, and delicious sushi and gourmet cuisine give this luxury box lavishness that every baseball fan, or non-baseball fan, can appreciate.

The price also includes a complimentary big screen message for your 40 guests, an array of catering options, and obviously a great experience.  After watching the game from the Virgin America Loft the Giants will most likely pick up a few more fans—and those fans that use to enjoy the game the old-fashioned way, sitting in hot plastic seats eating crackerjacks and drinking domestic beer, might just reform.  Either way, baseball in San Francisco will never be the same.

Via Halogen Life