All In The Name Of Beauty

OK, so we’ve all heard of going to extremes to savor the very essence that is beauty. And we’ve all seen and heard Billy Crystal’s infamous Saturday Night Live skit, the one where he plays Fernando, a character who insists that “it’s better to look good than to feel good.” Heck, I was raised on that saying. (No seriously, I was.) With that said, after reviewing some of New York’s new treatments on the beauty and health market, I’m no longer sure just how far I would take that motto. I think most of us would agree that there’s absolutely no price too high when it comes to bettering our appearances, but some of the actual treatments themselves are a tad bit too extreme and uncomfortable. Let’s take a look at a few so you have a better understanding of just how unusual they are.

First there’s the sperm facial which is exactly what it sounds like. I really don’t think there’s too much need to explain this one in great detail. Apparently an ingredient in sperm is super rich in antioxidants, so for just $250 you can receive the treatment to improve your skin. However, I don’t know about you but I can think of a million other ways to cleanse and perfect my face that don’t involve male ejaculation. No thanks.

Next up: the geisha facial. At Shizuka New York, uguisu no fun, otherwise known as powdered bird droppings, is the main ingredient used. The geishas are said to have used this treatment frequently and actually considered it a cherished secret. Makes you wish they would have never decided to share it with others, huh?

At The Continuum Center for Health and Healing, leech therapy is available for all your swelling and detoxifying needs. Demi Moore is a fan, which, naturally, makes it seem not as crazy. Well maybe a little bit but, hey, if she can do it, so can everyone else, right? I don’t think there’s a woman out there who can say they wouldn’t be interested in looking as breathtaking as that woman. During the treatment, leeches are placed on your body for about 60 seconds. If the blood-sucking scavengers don’t give you the creeps, it may not be such a terrible procedure. As long as it’s all done in the name of beauty, it’s worth it depending on how far you want to go. Leech facials, perhaps, but sperm facials I’ll pass.

Via Cityfile