High Rollers of Sin City

By Christina Bohnstengel

Haute Living’s Guide to the Good Life in Sin City


 Somewhat off of the beaten path is where visitors to Vegas will find the relaxing serenity that defines the Four Seasons Las Vegas.

The lights shine brightly in Vegas. So brightly in fact, that from space, it is the most well lit metropolis on the blue planet. And while Parisians may choke on their fois gras when they hear Las Vegans call their fair town “The City of Lights,” the allure of all that sparkles in the Nevada desert cannot be denied.

Las Vegas began the shedding of its reputation as a seedy town for lowbrow hustlers long ago, and like a phoenix rising from the ashes, Vegas has soared to the tops of luxury lifestyle radars. From the award-winning resorts that claim the top stars and diamonds from Mobil and AAA, to shopping venues that have secured some of the most finicky and discerning labels, to the restaurants helmed by America’s accolade-laden celebrity chefs, Las Vegas has evolved beyond being the Entertainment Capital of the World; it has become one of the premier destinations in luxury travel.

Getting There

The first rule in the luxury guide to globe trekking is to arrive in style. This means set your flight plans for a landing at Signature Flight Support at the McCarran International Airport. As a BBA Aviation company, Signature Flight Support boasts itself as the largest fixed base operation and distribution network in the world. Just minutes from the Four Seasons and Mandalay Bay, the LAS FBO offers a 30,000-square-foot hangar that can support a Global/GV, first class pilot and passenger amenities, world-class business aviation terminals, executive conference and meeting areas, comprehensive crew information services, and complimentary aircraft cleaning. Supporting business aviation for more than 60 years, Signature prides itself on a well-earned reputation as specialists in aviation services.

Also on site at LAS is Atlantic Aviation Services. From snooze rooms to conference rooms to the personalized concierge, Atlantic has paid attention to the emerging new world order where quality and service have replaced over-the-top excess as the defining marks of true luxury. Operating an extensive network of FBOs throughout the U.S., Atlantic is ready to meet the needs of pilots, private passengers, and flight crews.

And don’t forget about Haute Jets, our newly launched private charter service that works with all models of luxury air travel, which has access to an amazing fleet that flies to Las Vegas. The company offers on-demand charter, with access to more than 5,000 jets leaving from airports around the world with as little as 12 hours notice. We also provide full concierge service that will arrange catering and ground transportation upon arrival. More information on all of these services can be found on our web site, www.HauteJets.com, where you can explore all of the charter options.