Building a Nest: Sara Colombo

By Christina Bohnstengel

Sara Colombo’s new boutique on Lincoln Road offers one-of-a-kind European imports for home décor.


 “The house itself is quite old and classical in architectural style, but the decór is modern and we have employed the use of many great fabrics. We also have very modern art, which is quite a contrast to the house itself.”

While Miami is a vibrant metropolis pulsating with seemingly everything that the good life has to offer, from an eclectic array of award-winning cuisines to some of the world’s most exclusive luxury shopping venues, for one elite home décor tastemaker, there was still something missing.

“The original inspiration for the opening of Nest was to bring to Miami the things that I like to showcase in my own home, but always had trouble finding here,” explains Sara Colombo, who recently opened interior lifestyle boutique Nest, on Lincoln Road. “I wanted to bring a European style and quality to the clientele in Miami.”

The 2,200-square-foot shop, located between Michigan Avenue and Lenox Avenue, specializes in high-style products for the home presented with that ever-chic and coveted European flair. A classic sycamore buffet, pillows crafted from vintage fabric from the house of Chanel, a bone dining table, and a black lacquer desk with a bronze base and bamboo details are some of the former model’s personal favorites. The desk is a particular standout for Colombo, as it was picked up from one of her favorite artists, Michele Bönan. In addition to lending his talented hand to some of the great design projects in Europe and the States, including Florence’s Ferragamo hotels, the JK Place in Florence and Capri, and the Grosvenor House in Coconut Grove, the Italian architect and interior designer also created a furniture collection for Nest.

Fresh off of a European buying trip this past May, Colombo continually scours the continent for unique items and special gems, but reserves a special affinity for the quality of Italian merchandise. “The craftsmanship of goods made in Italy is truly unique. Aesthetics has always been very important in Italian culture, whether it be in fashion, art, food, or decoration,” she explains. The jetsetting trendspotter travels internationally at least twice a year searching out those inimitable items that will set a home apart from its counterparts. “We don’t carry large volumes of any products and we are constantly changing the look of the store so that we are always offering a diverse selection,” she says, going on to explain how this sentiment is embodied in the name of the chic boutique. “The name originated from the idea that to build a ‘nest’ means, piece by piece, putting things together-things that each individual likes and fits with their style and space. At the end no two ‘nests’ are alike….It is an individual creation.”

Colombo describes the individual creation in her own home as eclectic and modern. “The house itself is quite old and classical in architectural style, but the decór is modern and we have employed the use of many great fabrics. We also have very modern art, which is quite a contrast to the house itself,” she explains.

As a collector, following current events in the art world is a key component in Colombo’s merchandising decisions for Nest. “I like to track what is happening in art in order to have an indication of the trends,” she says. The fashion industry serves as another medium for inspiration. “Home design tends to follow fashion in many ways. If you watch the fashion collections, you can really find many of the same similarities in color and texture that are present in the home decoration. I also read and follow publications for interior design, but really, the best research for me is to travel and see what styles and trends are appearing other places.”

In the short time since Nest opened its doors in October of last year, the response from industry experts has been tremendous. “We have developed very good relationships with some of the most respected interior designers in Miami and New York and their reaction has been nothing but positive. To have them return over and over is really solidifying our place in the market. Their compliments and congratulations are really a wonderful validation.” She works with the professionals creating custom pieces that are tailor-made and not available off the floor. The Nest experts do custom finishes and measurements for furniture as well as custom-design carpets and a large selection of fabrics. Recently they completed a project conceptualizing and supplying all of the accessories for the townhouse models at Epic, the luxury hotel and residence venue that recently opened in downtown Miami.

While earning the respect of industry colleagues is essential, Colombo describes the Nest clientele as two-fold, and the respect of the sophisticated shopper is just as paramount. From its chic Lincoln Road location, the boutique is able to serve the walk-in client who possesses that sense of creativity and eye for quality. “The location was an obvious choice for Nest. There are millions of people each year who visit Lincoln Road, from tourists to Miami residents. There is an energy there that fits well with our brand.”

But for those days when squeezing in a trip to Lincoln Road is not a feasible schedule option, Nest’s online catalogue is expected to launch in approximately six weeks. will feature resources for interior designers as well as the ability to complete online purchases.

From big-ticket furniture items to accessories and small gifts, Nest is proving itself to be a welcome addition to the Lincoln Road line up.