A Shift in the Tides with Ferretti S.p.A


 Allied Marine currently carries a 33-footer, 44-footer, a 68-footer, and the largest one they have in inventory, the 75-foot Rivale.

Allied Marine’s storied tradition of ruling the waters for more than six decades was too enticing for luxury Italian yacht builder, Ferretti S.p.A., to pass up. The marine retailer, which was birthed on the Miami River in 1945, has sailed under the leadership of several different owners throughout its lifetime. In September, the dealer’s history books were forever altered in an innovative new way that will change the way business is done in the luxury yachting industry. Ferretti S.p.A. has long been commanding the high seas, expanding their brand to include nine renowned names in boat building, as well as acquiring what is now branded as Allied Marine. As such, Allied Marine is now the official retailer in the Americas for all Ferretti brand products.

Robert McDougal, President of Allied Marine, explained for Haute Living readers why a manufacturer would be interested in acquiring a retail operation, stating that often times manufacturers question whether a dealer’s representation is going far enough to advance their product and support their customers. “Ferretti took a bold step. They said, ‘you know what, we want to get closer to our customers. We want to know what their needs are. We want to hear their suggestions on how we might be able to improve our products, and we want to be there to support them better.’” This type of merger between a manufacturer and a retailer is groundbreaking in this industry, and it is one that McDougal believes defines their slogan of “Changing the Status Quo.”

“Everything that we are doing is in a manner consistent with the same level of quality as the yachts we represent, from our showroom, to our marketing profile, all the way to the experience when someone meets with our sales executives, makes a purchase, gets the yacht delivered, and then gets the boat serviced,” he said.

Boatsmen can find five of those brands represented at the retailer today. The largest models from CRN and Ferretti Custom Line are built to order because of their size, ranging from 128 feet to 260 feet and 97 feet to 124 feet, respectively. The original Ferretti brand itself, which runs from 47 feet to 88 feet, can be found on display in the Florida showrooms, as well as featured at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show in late October. Also showcased at Allied Marine is the Pershing brand, which McDougal describes as a high performance, express-style, surface-driven boat. “The largest one we have in stock right now is 90 feet; the smallest is a 62-footer,” he said.

Detailing more of the Ferretti brands that they showcase, McDougal explained that Bertram, the world-renowned rugged sport fishing boat, is the only American brand that Ferretti owns and Allied Marine retails. Also on display is Mochi Craft, a brand that Ferretti purchased in 2003. The Mochi Craft model is based on the traditional look of a New England lobster boat. Allied Marine carries the 44-footer, 64-footer, and a 74-footer.

Saving the best for last, McDougal explained that their most elite stock is from the Italian-based Riva brand. Riva’s history is as storied as the retailer’s, with celebrated names like Brigitte Bardot, Aristotle Onassis, Nicholas Cage, and Elton John hailing as clients. “There is no competitor for the Riva,” he said. “It is the highest name in the industry.” Allied Marine currently carries a 33-footer, 44-footer, a 68-footer, and the largest one they have in inventory, the 75-foot Rivale. As a retailer of the Ferretti brand, Allied Marine is able to obtain any yacht from any of the brands around the globe.

Though today’s media outlets abound with foreboding news of economic woes, Allied Marine proudly boasts recent sales of a 52-foot Riva, as well as a 97-foot Ferretti Custom Line superyacht. But as McDougal explained, it doesn’t matter what kind of luxury brand you are buying; if you don’t support it properly, then it’s all for naught. “It could be the most phenomenally built product in the world, but how you support and maintain it makes all the difference.” Allied Marine is tending to this with more than $1 million in spare parts inventory. More importantly, for clients based in Florida, there is an elite mobile service team that can go on site and walk them through any particular problems or questions regarding onboard systems or warranty issues. “Warranty has traditionally been a problematic area between clients, retailers, and manufacturers,” he said, explaining the frustrating, back-and-forth process of trying to determine financial responsibility. “Any type of delay that keeps people from getting back on board and enjoying their boats on the water negatively impacts your reputation and that of the manufacturer. Now, with Ferretti being the dealer as well, when we send a warranty team out to look at a boat, we are making a decision on the spot. We don’t have to go back to Italy for reporting. So that translates to the customer as the most time-effective way of getting their issues addressed.”

While Allied Marine is currently only located in Florida (in Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Naples, Stuart, Key Largo, and St. Augustine) current plans include developing strategic partners throughout the U.S., meaning that Allied Marine, as a Ferretti brand dealer, is captaining the high seas in a whole new way designed to benefit luxury yacht aficionados.

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