John McMonigle is Making Moves on Real Estate


¬†We’ve created an inviting and immersive environment that powerfully communicates the appeal of Orange County real estate and of our clients’ properties in particular.

And, in the upper echelon of real estate sales, it’s also about innovation, marketing, and service. John McMonigle and his team at the McMonigle Group have forged an impressive reputation-and sold more than $2.1 billion in real estate in the past five years-by delivering breakthrough sales and marketing strategies and unparalleled client service. Now, the McMonigle Group is poised to extend its success with the opening of the firm’s just-completed corporate headquarters in the heart of Newport Beach, featuring a location, design, and state-of-the-art technology on par with the spectacular homes it represents. We caught up with McMonigle to discuss the move, the office, and the new ventures that will continue to ensure that he remains at the top of the real estate game.

Haute Living What prompted the move to the new office?

John McMonigle The McMonigle Group’s new offices further our dual commitment: to innovate and deliver state-of-the-art promotion for our clients’ properties; and to continue to set and provide the real estate industry’s gold-standard for client service. It’s no secret that location is the most important value variable in real estate, and it was critical that our new offices feature a premier location to most successfully promote our clients’ listings in an environment with high visibility and traffic flow.

HL Who is the designer? Builder? Architect?

JM Our new offices were designed by LPA, Inc., built by Howard CDM and project managed by Monarch Estates (my real estate development division), with interiors by David Riley Associates.

HL Can you describe the new space?

JM In our practice, we represent clients with incredibly high levels of taste who are aficionados of good design, workmanship, and high quality finishes. As such, the McMonigle Group offices represent a level of comfort, refinement, and style that reflects both our clientele and the properties we represent. The offices reflect appealing mid-century-inspired architecture and relate to our surroundings here on the picturesque Orange County coastline, with the extensive use of wood and stone, as well as colors-blues, browns, taupes-that capture the natural beauty of our environment. Guests enjoy the convenience of 12,000 square feet of secured, subterranean parking with direct elevator access to the more than 8,000-square-foot space, which encompasses an inviting lobby area featuring an immersive, media-rich environment with multiple flat-screen televisions to display continual looping video presentations of the Group’s listings. The lobby also features interactive displays providing information on the McMonigle Group’s Premier Partners and Industry Affiliates-an exclusive selection of purveyors of fine goods and services-as well as three-dimensional models representing the Group’s Destination Partners-a collection of the world’s preeminent resorts and vacation home destinations.

HL How will this new office better serve your clients?

JM In addition to the eye-catching and comprehensive in-office visual displays we’ve designed to continually promote our clients’ listings, our new offices will be open seven days a week to maximize exposure for our listed properties, and to deliver best-in-class service to our valued clients. We’ve created an inviting and immersive environment that powerfully communicates the appeal of Orange County real estate and of our clients’ properties in particular. We anticipate that our new offices will become a popular destination for both clients and buyers, and we look forward to welcoming them to our new location.

HL How long did the space take from conception to realization? How many people were involved in the project?

JM The new offices represent years of careful planning and negotiation for a Triple-A location within Newport Beach. This was an historic land deal brokered by the McMonigle Group’s commercial real estate division, allowing us to secure a large, three-quarter-acre corner lot at the intersection of Newport Center Drive and Granville Drive, with premium visibility.

HL When did you move in? Any big deals closed in the new office yet?

JM We moved into our new headquarters in January 2009, and we already have closed several important deals in the short time we’ve been here.

HL How many people are working in the new space?

JM The headquarters incorporates 38 offices to house the Group’s 15 Newport Beach-based agents and an extensive support staff, which includes client services, marketing and advertising professionals, as well as two large conference suites with state-of-the-art technology and teleconferencing capabilities.

HL How close is it to your home?

JM I’m pleased to say that my agents and I average only a 10 to 15 minute commute to work.

HL What else is the McMonigle Group working on?

JM We just launched the 90-Day Certain Sale Program-a breakthrough marketing and sales strategy that provides an innovative way to sell your home and maximize your equity in this challenging market. The 90-Day Certain Sale Program is designed to sell properties to value-seeking buyers within a 90-day time period, accounting for a 60-day marketing period and a 30-day escrow. The 90-Day Certain Sale program is ideal for home sellers wanting to speed up the sales process, optimize their equity and sell their home within 90 days; and also delivers best-in-industry results for buyers who want to ensure they are paying true market value for properties in today’s changeable market.

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