Resolutions for the Wealthy


Vanity Fair’s weekly online column, The One Percent, penned (or, rather, typed) by Jamie Johnson, focuses on the lives of the super rich. Since that is what Haute Living does every day, both in the lives we live and the stories we write, we are avid readers of the often hilarious, always insightful column. This week, Johnson explores some of the most extravagant New Year’s resolutions or goals that she has come across while rubbing elbows with society figures and billionaires. Below are her favorites, and if you click through to Vanity Fair, the goals are described in more detail. I encourage you to leave your own outlandish resolution/goal in the comment box below.

1.    Employ a personal waiter, whose job it is to serve you at all restaurants and bars.
2.    Hire the armed services of a sovereign nation for personal transportation while on holiday.
3.    Buy Stuyvesant Town and transform it into a private estate for a single family.
4.    Travel around Manhattan on horseback, with a groom dressed in full livery in tow.
5.    Buy the sports franchise that is the rival to your favorite local team and shut it down.
6.    Kidnap a rich friend as a practical joke.
7.    Transfer a huge sum of money into gold and display it in your home as a decorative object.
8.    Trick your friends into sleeping with prostitutes, whom they believe to be genuine lovers.
9.    Stop spending time with your drug dealer.
10.     Rent the largest screen in Times Square and televise your family’s personal holiday card photo.