Desert Polo Hits Dubai


Last winter, we featured the global society event that takes place every year on the ice in St. Moritz:  Cartier Polo World Cup on Snow. This winter, those ponies can take a break from the ice and get their trot on in the desert in Dubai. British automaker Land Rover is sponsoring the inaugural Desert Palm Nations Polo Cup, which will debut this Friday. With the City State’s mega-themed properties (Dubai Sports City comes to mind), it is no wonder that there is an entire resort dedicated to the pony riding sport. The Desert Palm, Dubai, a Per AQUUM Resort & Spa, is lauded as the first dedicated boutique polo spa resort in the world. With this match serving as the official launch of the resort, they are bringing in the big guns. Adolfo Cambiaso, the No. 1 polo player in the world, will be representing the UAE team in his first Middle East match. The tournament is set to be an annual affair, and, as polo matches are, whether in the Hamptons or in St. Moritz, the social highlight of the season.

Via Luxist