The Toniest Tiger


Luxury hotels know how to cater to demanding guests–it comes with the territory; the more money one has, the more particular they tend to become, as they well should. Why should someone with means have to put up with the same thing as the masses? As such, five-diamond brands are able to accommodate virtually any request…including, it appears, exotic animal transport.

Recently, The Setai’s chief concierge, Maite Foriasky, fielded a request from a lovesick Brit who wanted to move his newfound amore to England. The catch? The girlfriend had a pet tiger. This lofty request proved to be completely doable by Foriasky, who handled the arrangements of moving the tiger from Florida to London. (This involved calling the Miami Zoo, transporting the kitty to Orlando–the only local airport capable of transporting the large exotic internationally–and securing a large cage, which begs the question: why didn’t the girlfriend already have a cage for the beast?)

Forbes Traveler has a whole slew of over-the-top requests by wealthy travelers, but we found out about this story from the Miami New Times.