Designer Seas


By Beth Brody

A sailing race sponsored by Louis Vuitton seems the perfect place to prove your sailing credentials to the  globe’s elite.  Of course the Louis Vuitton Cup is not the most famous race, the title belongs to the America’s Cup race, which is 45 years older than the modern Olympics.  But while the more modern LV Cup doesn’t have history on its side, it is definitely considered to be the more exciting of the two.  Several yachts compete in this race on the seas and it is becoming a rite of passage for sailors looking to gain back notoriety by challenging the defending champion of The America’s Cup.  Since 1983, the LV Cup’s yachtsmen have been earning back any lost credibility while having a grand time on the high seas.  The world of yachting has been an influence on the luxury fashion house Louis Vuitton far before the sailing races began.  The iconic travelling trunks created by the fashion designer were designed for use on ocean voyages.  To further celebrate the mix of beauty and world-class sailing is a new book The Louis Vuitton Cup: 25 Years of Yacht Racing in Pursuit of the America’s Cup.  Artist and yacht designer Francois Chevalier pays tribute to the exceptional seamen and passionate photographers who shaped the growing reputation of the Louis Vuitton Cup.  The book retails for $75 and makes a great gift for any yacht owners on your holiday list.