The Gadget Sanctuary


By Mary Mullaj

Bluelounge, a multidisciplinary design studio, has created the ultimate gadget for all your gadgets. The Bluelounge Sanctuary, an integrated charging station, lets users power up their cell phone, iPod, PDA, and bluetooth headset at the same time in one compact and convenient location. It uses a universal phone charger compatible with over 1500 electronic devices, and with the additional USB port, it is compatible with just about everything. It also keeps all items together, avoiding the problem of misplacing one’s watch, wallet, and keys.

The device is now being added to hotel rooms worldwide, to permit travelers the luxury of charging their devices without hauling a tangle of wires everywhere, which can also lead to time-consuming luggage inspection in airports. It is also ideal for preventing the inevitable and extremely irritating event of leaving a charger (or two) at home. At a price of just over $100, this is one very useful amenity that luxury hotels should seriously consider adding to their room. Right now, participating hotels now include The Keating in San Diego, Portrait Suites in Rome, plus Hotel Lungarno, Lungarno Suites, Gallery Hotel Art, and Continentale, all in Florence.

The device is available for purchase to use daily in the home or office. It is made in black or white, with a reversible black and tan inner tray. The substantial Sanctuary is constructed of injection molded ABS which is then coated for a high-end gloss finish.  For the hospitality industry it also can be customized to match a room with leather, a variety of wood finishes, or a logo.