Car of the Week: 2007 Maserati Gran Turismo


With a deep throaty growl, you’re immediately aware this sports car means business. Yet the design, comfort and style make you think twice. The 2007 Maserati Gran Turismo has found a way to harbor both power and grace in the same creation sure to delight the driving enthusiast. With its revised 405HP 4.2 liter V8 engine, this Maserati sounds the part as it ignites letting you know the past is gone and the future is here. Based on a Quattroporte platform, the Gran Turismo’s 6 speed ZF automatic transmission artistically compliments this beauty with the best performance and degree of control.

Stylistically its curvaceous lines emanate from its muscular rear to its angular Xenon headlights convincing any observer the Gran Turismo is ready to leap into action. And with an almost perfectly balanced weight distribution between front and rear axles, this lightweight sports car makes performance that much easier. Blue exterior with blue brake calipers beautifully enhance its appeal, as does its rich light brown interior of Poltrona Frau leather. Italian through and through, this Maserati is a work of art.

Additional pleasures include a very comfortable rear seat easily accommodating two normal-sized adults, an in-dash GPS, abundant luggage space, and a braking ability that even makes its maximum speed of 177 mph feel safe. In fact, it is hard to imagine such a wonderful combination of features is a true 4 seat luxury car. For once, sound and appearance do not disappoint.

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