Decades of Fireside Port Perfection


By: Beth Brody

Does the cold weather and holiday season leave you looking for a delectable tasting wine to sip fireside?  Sweet Port wine from Portugal has a blend of natural flavors that match well with rich desserts and warm fireplaces.  The House of Sandeman is a revered Port producer that knows a perfect way to warm up your taste buds, which is why the company is releasing a collection of four exclusive bottles of delicious wines.  The Port collection includes the Ten-Years Old, Twenty-Years Old, Thirty-Years Old, and Forty-Years Old labels to create the collection appropriately named “Porto Aged Tawnies Century Pack.”  Each decade of aged Port has a distinct flavor enjoyable for any occasion. The exceptional Sandeman old wines mix vibrant younger Ports with the rich older wines, each with a hint of woodsy flavors perfect for a candle-lit explosion of flavors.  This Port treat is sure to win points for any holiday gathering or to sip over romantic fireside conversations.  The choice between four different decades means you can select from the unique flavorful mixes based on the mood.  The collection of four bottles complete with a wood box retails for $349.