The Many Wonders of Wellendorff


 “Now in our fourth generation, the Wellendorffs still believe in the same philosophy: wahre werte, meaning genuine values.”

Fine jewelry has long been associated with the upper echelons of society. From kings and queens to the decadent aristocrats that Fitzgerald so favored to dissect, the most sophisticated individuals throughout history have had a strong affinity for fine jewels. While countries often battled over power, women, land, and, of course, treasure, it seems that jewelry, the best treasure of all, transcends in a way that many historical artifacts cannot.

Men and women alike have always loved (and always will) the feeling derived from wearing gem-studded gold creations, especially when those creations come with the utmost quality and precision. Though many jewelry design companies have struggled to manifest pieces that are innovative, aesthetically pleasing, and of high quality, the Wellendorff jewelry company has appeased the masses with its unparalleled ability to create utterly stunning, unique, and genuinely original works of art.

When Ernst Alexander Wellendorff founded his jewelry manufacture in Pforzheim, Germany, in 1893, he had the vision to create perfect jewelry using only the most glorious gems. His success was near instantaneous. Even the long-opposing empires of Britain and Russia managed immediately to agree on one thing: their royal jewels must come only from the best, and that meant the jewels came from Wellendorff.

The jeweler’s relationship with both countries gave only a small foreshadowing of the global success that lay ahead. Ernst Alexander’s dream of producing unique creations and dispersing them throughout the continent was fulfilled with a certain grace and class that established the brand’s flawless reputation. Now, more than a century later, the Wellendorff vision is kept alive by the family’s fourth generation, which is successfully spreading their forefather’s dream.

The brand’s immense success is attributed to many factors, but Christoph Wellendorf, the company’s managing director/co-owner, relates it to family. “Now in our fourth generation, the Wellendorffs still believe in the same philosophy: wahre werte, meaning genuine values,” he explains. “Everything must be real, genuine and authentic. We feel and live Wellendorff every day and our customers, the jewelry connoisseurs, trust us and become collectors of Wellendorff. The rest then is easy.”

This dedication to tradition is reflected not only in attitude, but also in each and every piece of jewelry that is made. The traditional craftsmanship, in conjunction with innovative modern design, has enabled Wellendorff to develop jewelry that is truly unique to the industry; every piece carrying a signature diamond “W” logo is one filled with demure modernity, classic panache, and first class quality.

Each design, whether modern, classic, or custom is executed with traditional craftsmanship by master talents; it takes many expert hands to transform pure precious metals and stones into small creations of art. Only the most beautiful diamonds and colored stones are used in their collections. This steadfast attention to detail and quality extends to the 18-karat gold used in all of the pieces; the unique metal’s final composition is a closely kept family secret.

From classic chic to contemporary modernism, all of the jewelry shares the same inspiration. “The beauty and elegance of the lady inspires us the most,” says Christoph. “And it comes so easy and natural.”

No where is this more evident than through the classic Wellendorff Rope, which was created with the laws of attraction in mind. “This is the most sophisticated necklace Wellendorff has created since our beginning in 1893,” explains Christoph. “The idea was to treat gold like silk, to make the necklace smooth, soft, romantic, and unique, and our customers love it.” Talented goldsmiths laboriously hand-spin the gold wire into tiny spirals, which are then interwoven. Each strand of a Wellendorff rope is made of 18-karat gold, thus guaranteeing stability, strength, and a unique flexibility, all traits that are mimicked by the family’s values.

The company’s latest invention encapsulates both the class of the traditional rope and a new dimension of sensuality previously unseen in jewelry. The “Temptation” collection does exactly that: tempt. During the design process, Christoph drew upon emotion, sex appeal, the touch of precious metals and gemstones, their special aura on one’s skin, and the feeling of perfection for inspiration. The collection complements the traditional shape of the Wellendorff rope necklace, yet is softer to the touch, and the long rope hangs in a y-shape, flowing low into the décolleté where it is clasped by a pendant in the typical Wellendorff design. It is versatile and can be worn tighter to the neck or long and loose.

As for the future of Wellendorff, Christoph explains, “In our home world, Germany, we are considered and known as the finest in jewelry makers. This is what we want our American friends to discover. When we show our creations to U.S. customers they are always so excited about the craftsmanship and the quality, and our ultimate goal is to have all American jewelry connoisseurs fully understand the real value and unique quality of a Wellendorff piece.” With the Wellendorf collections enjoying immense success at Southern California’s venerable Traditional Jeweler locations, it seems that Hollywood’s A-list society has already been captivated by the brand’s allure. It shouldn’t be long until the rest of the country follows suit.
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