Revamped LG KE850: the Prada II


By Mary Mullaj

If you’ve been waiting for a mobile phone with all the effectiveness of the iPhone but none of the mass-appeal appearance, you’ve been waiting for for the new and improved LG 850: the Prada II. The ultra high-end phone is the ultimate accessory, combining practicality with a sleek, sexy design. The Prada touch has resulted in the most beautiful phone design possible, while LG contributed new high tech features such as a slide-out keyboard, added Internet capabilities, and a better camera.

At first glance, the biggest change to the previous model is the QWERTY keyboard that slides out to the left. Combined with the touchscreen buttons, this addition makes the phone more user-friendly. The keyboard also complements the freshly added Internet capabilities of the new phone, something the previous model was lacking. Updates include 3G compatibility for better coverage in Europe (where 3G is more commonly used than Edge), WiFi for faster networking, and 7.2 Mbps HSDPA for higher data transfer speeds.

Another impressive improvement is the camera. The lens is manufactured by Shneider Kreuznach, best known for its medium and large format camera lenses and its innovations like the Oscar winning Super-Cinelux motion picture lens. This miniature version created specially for LG boosts picture quality, as does the increased 5 megapixels (up from two). A front camera also enhances video calling capabilities.

A few other noteworthy features are the Quad-band GSM, and FM radio.

A coherent balance of beauty and function, the phone will be available in Prada boutiques for around 600E. It is expected to launch in 2008–we hope in time for Christmas!

Via Born Rich