Private Jet Charter with a Twist: Air Royale’s Wayne J. Rizzi


 With access to thousands of aircraft from twin-engine turboprops to light, medium, and heavy jets, Air Royale’s brand serves as the ultimate 24-hour concierge.

In 1994, entrepreneur Wayne J. Rizzi, a guy who has always had a passion for adventure, good food, fine art, and aviation, decided it was all or nothing. Having it all meant taking a chance on starting a business that few in the mid-’90s understood-a private jet liaison services company interwoven with six-star concierge services. Air Royale International Inc., with headquarters in both Los Angeles and London, recently opened its fifth office in Dubai. A New York office marked the third location, followed by a facility in Hong Kong. Rizzi, president and CEO, says that providing customers with on-demand air charter options utilizing world-class carriers, along with TLC, remind him of an exclusive, boutique shop.

“I recall walking into an upscale clothing store and personal service was foremost,” he says. “I was beckoned to a comfortable, silk-upholstered divan while a friendly salesperson offered to pour coffee into a cup made of china, or a nice glass of wine with hors d’oeuvres was an option. It was true hospitality-a service, rather than a commodity-that I vowed Air Royale’s customers would receive.”

Although Air Royale has grown over the last 14 years, it’s that personal boutique service that impresses its clientele, which includes the likes of Paramount Pictures Corp., Universal Studios, DreamWorks Animation, NBC News, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Inc., Fortune 100 and 500 companies, and heads of state. A CNN executive said, “If you added together promptness, professionalism, and competitive pricing-that’s Air Royale.”


There’s a plethora of private jet aviation businesses out there. It’s a challenge for someone to decide which service can deliver the best travel experience-provide the utmost in luxury, safety, security and privacy. “First, customers’ air safety must be the priority, which is why we use Wyvern Consulting Ltd., the first safety evaluations company that began performing on-site audits of air charter operators in 1991,” says Rizzi, who sits on the Wyvern Customer Advisory Board, which is responsible for setting The Wyvern Standard. Wyvern’s standards far exceed Federal Aviation Administration’s minimum standards for commercial air charter operators.

There’s a good reason that Air Royale ensures that it books flights on behalf of its customers with operators that are Wyvern recommended. Of all the 1,114 commercial, air charter fatalities flown under the FAA’s regulations from January 1991 through May 2008, zero percent involved a Wyvern-recommended aircraft or crew. That’s a safety record that only Wyvern can claim.


There are several aspects of Air Royale’s services that set the company apart from its competition. The refusal to sell jet cards, which became popular in the late ’90s, is one of them. Rizzi feels that selling customers jet card memberships, asking $100,000 up to $500,000 in advance, doesn’t make sound business sense. “You’ll never make the same amount of interest,” he explains. “If funds aren’t in a secured escrow account, the customer could end up losing his or her money if the company files bankruptcy. It’s a myth that somehow buying a jet card is going to reward customers with better pricing, better air charter availability or better service.”

With access to thousands of aircraft from twin-engine turboprops to light, medium, and heavy jets, Air Royale’s brand serves as the ultimate 24-hour concierge. Air Royale is on the move, planning itinerary details to keep its promise-customers’ needs and desires will be taken care of. Whether you want selections of fine wines, homemade gourmet meals, in-flight spa services, private ground transportation, private villa or bungalow stays, exclusive dinner reservations, or theater tickets, Air Royale can provide it. That’s the Air Royale difference.

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