Most Expensive Golf Bag in the World


Ultra-luxe purveyor of fine hand bags, Louis Vuitton extends its vast empire to include the world’s most expensive golf bag, the Damier Geant. Energized in the wake of last week’s PGA Tournament, duffers the world over might flock to the green for the love of the game. For golfers who descend on the clubhouse for the status and prestige of the gentleman’s pastime, this bag might be the shot in the arm their game needs. A status symbol from a mile away, this bag summons $8,400, but might make a man-or his caddy- look like a million bucks.

Accoutrements include a zip up hood to disguise secret weapons, an umbrella you might use to keep the rain off your prized accessory, and numerous hidden pockets- perfect to modestly tuck away your spotless scorecard. The bag is named after the particular canvas used to make it, but the base and shoulder strap are made of a more study cowhide. Four special-edition Louis Vuitton tees are part of the monogram stamped package. The designer claims that the sleek and slim looking bag is spacious enough to carry a full set of clubs despite its dainty appearance.

Perhaps the introduction of an “it” golf bag by a noted handbag maker, is an answer to the rise of female golfers seen on the green. Stylish accessories might resonate with this demographic on the rise. Picture a golf champ Annika Sorenstam/Louis Vuitton spokeswoman Scarlett Johansson hybrid. Then again, perhaps these bags are aimed at men looking to impress these ladies of the links with a quick flash of LV.

Via Born Rich