Mile High Showers


As part of a luxury arms race between mega-airlines, Emirates promised its first class passengers a hot shower at 37,000 feet. August 1st, two months ahead of schedule, Emirates, the Dubai based airline, treated its first passenger to an in-flight five-minute freshen-up.

Each of the 50 superjumbo A380s in the Emirates fleet has been equipped with the deluxe bath and each of the 14 first class passengers flying from Dubai to New York have another reason to fly with Emirates.
In order to ensure that each passenger gets a decent rinse, the airline has installed a traffic light system to remind bathers of the five minute limit. Amber light will warn passengers before the software automatically shuts off the water. The airline emphasizes that the shower is designed to accommodate only one passenger at a time.

The double-decker plane has 24 crew members and carries 489 passengers in three classes. In order to accommodate the first class shower, the plane will carry an extra ton of water, a weight increase of 25%.
This might be the most precious shower on the planet: a first class ticket is priced at $17,800. The first class experience already features a flat bed, a massage-equipped private suite, remote control doors, an electronic mini-bars and a work desk. Upgrading to include the shower might be part of an attempt to best rival Singapore airlines, who introduced the world’s first double beds aboard the same model, much to the chagrin of Emirates execs.

Beginning on the first day of December, the mile high shower experience will be offered on flights from Heathrow in London to Dubai, as well.

Via Luxury Insider