Time for a 7-Series


It took nine days to build the 40-foot-tall hourglass, and over 180,000 silver balls to fill it up. The purpose of constructing such an object? To showcase the European launch of BMW’s latest 7-Series. Since July 6, the glass and acrylic-made hourglass has added some glamour and mystery to Moscow, located perfectly in the city’s legendary Red Square district. What is said to be the largest hourglass ever built is actually a creative marketing ploy by BMW, meant to elaborate on the event’s tagline, “Never stand still.” Unbeknownst to passers-by, the 7-Series was skillfully hidden among the silver balls in the upper chamber. On the third day of display, 400 invited guests witness as the slowly emptying hourglass revealed the luxurious new car. The festivities continued with the German automaker hosting a gala soiree where guests were treated to performances by ballet duo Mark Peretokin and Ilze Liepa from the Bolshoi Theatre and singer Adele, who was joined by a full orchestra led by renown conduct Yuri Bashmet.
While a used for marketing, it measures time like a true hourglass. But in this case, it is keeping track of the BMW’s fall launch of their latest treat on wheels. If this is how BMW advertises their products, imagine how lavish those cars must be.

Via Born Rich and Luxury Insider