The Bed of Your Dreams


Given the busier, more stressful lives we lead, our night space is more important than ever. The $61,415 Cosmovoïde bed promises a magical universe, one where you hover deliciously on the brink of falling into a deep, healing sleep-before awakening refreshed with optimal physical and psychic potential. This unique masterpiece, made by craftsmen in the North of France, has a space-age design. The wave-shaped side view recalls the shape of an egg, derived from golden number geometry, giving the bed its relaxing qualities. The bed base is made up of two separate mattress frames, independently suspended (hammock-like) from the self-supporting structure. This patented device greatly reduces all inside and outside vibrations, so sleep is not hindered or interrupted as usual. The bed also features fittings to enhance your well-being: two pure natural latex mattresses, seven LED lamps in the colors of the rainbow, an LCD TV that’s housed at the foot of the bed, a DVD player, one high def home cinema set up, six power sockets, a phone/Internet socket, and two reading lamps. The features are all controlled by discreet, aesthetically pleasing mini-switches. An automatic demand switch maintains the biotic quality of the Cosmovoïde, by avoiding all electromagnetic pollution. This bed is destined for the discerning, who delight in that which is exceptional, original, unique, and has state-of-the-art design, since each order can be personalized. All requests for specific fittings are examined so as to satisfy each person’s needs in the best possible way. And should health problems make bed rest compulsory, it comprises features to entertain you, to enable you to work or study from home, and may even be connected up to medical equipment.

via bornrich