Haute Auto: Rolls-Royce


 When someone says the name Rolls-Royce, the alliteration conjures up the notion of class and exclusivity, and part of this exclusivity stems from the amount of customization that is available.

A name long synonymous with imperial and elite status, Rolls-Royce has added yet another addition to their collection of esteemed automobiles: the Phantom Coupé. This highly anticipated vehicle has already been received with global recognition by the luxury car community, and continues to awe all those who look upon its sleek, alluring design. In true Rolls-Royce form, this glimmering automobile was carefully concocted, made with equal parts of cutting-edge technology and state-of-the-art design, both inside and out.

Not only does the Phantom Coupé exude luxury, it embodies power. It takes the car less than six seconds to go from zero to 60mph with a top speed of 155mph. The powerful road techniques are in part thanks to its superb driving dynamics. This distinct engineering enhances not only its appearance, but its powerful capabilities.

Ideal for transporting families to their weekend destinations—whether it be the Hamptons or Malibu—the Coupé comes amply equipped for any journey, courtesy of its 6.75-liter V12 engine, producing 453bhp and 531lb ft of torque output. Technological amenities keep the interior of the car virtually silent–perfect for uninterrupted conversing, and the picnic-friendly “boot” allows room for ample luggage’s space. Or, for those who travel light, the trunk also doubles as a picnic bench, embodying the car’s theme: enjoying the leisurely life with the utmost luxury.

With family travel in mind, Rolls-Royce manufacturers placed safety at the highest level of importance; the Phantom Coupé is equipped with a multitude of amenities that strive to keep their loyal customers safe. Take, for example, the optional camera feature. Customers can inquire about placing two cameras, one below the front license plate, and another beneath the chrome boot-lid handle in the rear. A split-screen view of the road is transmitted inside of the car, allowing drivers to see ahead of the vehicle, while the rear camera is a clear single-screen, easing the effort of pulling out of parking spots–especially if it involves any reversal maneuvers.

While Rolls-Royce has always been known for its classic designs, its makers have realized the need for implementing modern techniques to uphold the brand’s high level of appeal. The Phantom Coupé is engineered with an Intelligent Safety and Information System, with sensors located throughout the car to take readings. If an accident should ever occur, up to 4,000 calculations per second allow the safety system to establish the severity of impact, deploying safety features such as intelligent braking, restraints systems, seatbelt pre-tensions, and six airbags, as needed.

When someone says the name Rolls-Royce, the alliteration conjures up the notion of class and exclusivity, and part of this exclusivity stems from the amount of customization that is available. In terms of exterior colors, customers can choose from more than 44,000 different hues, rendering each Phantom Coupé truly unique. The 21-inch wheels only redefine the car’s glamorous allure. Customers have a choice between three designs, including two forged alloy options. Every material used in the Phantom Coupé has been carefully selected to seamlessly merge form with function.

The creators of Rolls-Royce also understand the social implications of driving a Phantom Coupé. In order to maintain the perception of pristine elegance, each car receives five individual hand finished coats of paint and polish. Five hours are dedicated to polishing the body, creating a sheen that enhances the desire to drive; the Phantom Coupé is so sleek that even rain would be embarrassed to get it wet.

While those sharing the road can bask in the glory of the Phantom Coupé’s exterior features, only a select few will be fortunate enough to experience the lush interiors. With studio-quality sound, long drives can be pleasant with just the right tunes. Passengers will also appreciate the Lexicon system with 15 metal-matrix speakers, from which clarity of sound is delivered regardless of where passengers sit. Besides the standard six-CD changer, the Phantom Coupé also boasts iPod connectivity.

Slim-line front seats provide drivers and passengers with unsurpassed comfort, even during a tense commute. In the rear, passengers can relax on lounge-like seating, similar to a curved sofa that is both comfortable and intimate. Boulevard lighting creates a gentle luminescence; the optional starlight headlining gives the illusion of a starry night inside, adjustable from a quiet glow to complete clarity. These imaginative lighting features help make the sleek interior veneers shine. Customers can choose from a variety of individually handcrafted and assembled high-quality wood, including elm cluster and piano black. Veneers are polished to perfection, helping complement the high-quality leather interior of which customers have a choice of more than seven leather hides, including roseleaf and seashell. All these elements create an automobile that is elegant in the truest sense of the word.

The Phantom Coupé stands alongside the Phantom, the Phantom Extended Wheelbase, and the Phantom Drophead Coupé, though it is the most driver-oriented model in the Rolls-Royce family. It is noticeably more dynamic, and comes with the highest levels of comfort. A classic Rolls-Royce aesthetic mixed with modern innovation, the Phantom Coupé is sure to carry on the legacy of the famed automobiles.