What’s Haute: Los Angeles – Restaurants, Vineyards, Shopping and more

From the canyons of Malibu to the Hollywood Hills, Los Angeles is-and forever will be-where the rich and fabulous play. Glamour, luxury, and leisure define this pulsating city, where actors open restaurants and even A-list celebrities must sometimes stand in queues. But in a vibrant city that is constantly evolving, it’s sometimes hard to follow what’s fab and what’s faux, and that’s why we at Haute Living have been doing our homework, keeping you up-to-date with the hottest spots that Tinseltown has to offer.

By Jade Wollman

6350 Hollywood Blvd.


 Beso welcomes you to sip a glass of Moët amidst its star-studded clientele, in an atmosphere that is elegant and airy, cultural and vibrant.

Combine the skill and savvy of a celebrity chef with the spice of Hollywood’s favorite siren, and what you’ll get is a sensational restaurant like Beso, an exciting upscale Los Angeles eatery located in the heart of Hollywood. Co-owned by Eva Longoria, the tantalizing actress whose appeal alone could draw a crowd, Beso features an eclectic, international cuisine including several of Longoria’s family recipes. Accompanying Eva’s penchant for cooking is Todd English’s undeniable skill-the renowned East Coast chef and Olives founder is enthralling Los Angeles tastemakers for the first time with signature dishes including his flavorful paella and artichoke guacamole. A dramatic open kitchen exhibits the culinary prowess of Beso’s chefs, while a unique adult juice bar indulges guests with exotic, alcoholic concoctions. Salient crystal chandeliers illuminate the classy, spacious restaurant, which also features a full ceviche bar and a private upstairs lounge. Beso welcomes you to sip a glass of Moët amidst its star-studded clientele, in an atmosphere that is elegant and airy, cultural and vibrant.

29000 Newton Canyon Rd.


Wine from a Malibu vineyard? It tastes as divine as it sounds. Nestled in the canyons of Southern California’s most pristine spot, only four miles inland from the idyllic coast, this 250-acre estate is home to Malibu’s finest: a bevy of small vineyard blocks in a unique microclimate, where succulent grapes are harvested to produce world-class Rosenthal wines. Established in 1987 by Los Angeles native and prolific entrepreneur George Rosenthal, the Malibu Estate may very well be Los Angeles’ best kept secret. Though its wines are a staple of premier Los Angeles restaurants like Spago and Valentino, the exquisite Mexican-styled estate is a tad more exclusive, visited by only those privileged enough to sip its remarkable blends amid a landscape of lush mountains, coastal oaks, and meandering creeks. Johnny Carson, Michael Eisner, and Francis Ford Coppola are among the select few who who have made the journey to the Malibu Estate and savored its award-winning wines, which include an elegant Chardonnay, supple Merlot, Cabernet Franc, and renowned Cabernet Sauvignon. In the upcoming months, you too can number among the ranks of the city’s elite; for a few thousand dollars, clients can partake in a high-end, group blending session held at the estate. The tastiest blend earns a private label, and clients take home their very own wine.

9360 Wilshire Blvd.


Beverly Hills’ insatiable appetite for inventive food and casual, chic dining has brought Jonathan Morr to the Los Angeles enclave, where he unveiled his famed Bond Street restaurant to a zealous local crowd. Having triumphed in both New York and Miami Beach, Bond Street is now dazzling its Los Angeles diners with reputable Japanese dishes fashioned by Bond Street New York’s own sushi chef, Hiroshi Nakahara. The highly-regarded Nakahara has relocated to the angel-ridden city to prepare artful, innovative dishes like arugula crispy potato rolls and sundried tomato and avocado rolls. The restaurant, located in the Thompson Beverly Hills hotel, seats 130 guests and features a sushi bar, a unique indoor/outdoor dining patio, and a second floor lounge with its own library alcove. Chic and subdued, Bond Street is laden with muted colors and gauzy materials-except for the upstairs lounge and bar that fuses modern with vintage fixtures, creating the mesmeric allure of a sexy ’70s pleasure den.

6300 Hollywood Blvd.


SBE Restaurant and Nightlife Group has added yet another famed restaurant to its impressive collection, this time with Katsuya Hollywood, the edgier version of its Brentwood outpost. Centered in the Hollywood and Vine area, Katsuya has been gaining as much momentum as the area itself-that is, lots and lots of buzz. But like its Brentwood sister, Katsuya Hollywood delivers, offering its discerning clientele consistent favorites inside a radiant interior designed by Philippe Starck. Katsuya’s décor of glowing geishas and vibrant, crimson kimonos makes dining here provocative and unique-mesmerizing eyes and luminous lips paint Katsuya’s capacious walls, conjuring the mystery and intrigue of these traditional Japanese images. Master Chef Katsuya Uechi serves fresh custom rolls and delightful platters including its Spicy Albacore Sashimi and Baked White Fish with Truffle, two riveting Uechi dishes. The restaurant’s main dining room seats 68, while its Dragon Lounge-filled with alluring white leather sofas-serves 50, and Katsuya’s two private dining rooms each seat 8 guests. Katsuya’s space is sexy and sleek, and the dishes superb-two perfect reasons to succumb to this Hollywood hot spot.

777 Deer Springs Rd.
Escondido, CA


Although the Golden Door is not a part of Los Angeles-its location is in Escondido-you won’t hear spa aficionados complaining. Since its installment in 1958, the Golden Door Spa has been revered for its week-long spa programs, which, after 50 years, have amassed a substantial cult following. A panacea for stress and imbalance, this 377-acre sanctuary offers a seven-day program with a regimen comprised of daily massages, herbal wraps, morning hikes, labyrinth meditation, fitness classes, and a healthy organic cuisine with ingredients from Golden Door’s own garden. And if seven days is too much to spare, you’re in luck-in celebration of its 50th anniversary, Golden Door Spa is introducing its exciting new Spa Interlude Program, three- or four-day sessions designed specifically for people on the go.

6525 West Sunset Blvd.


Chef Michel Richard and restaurateur Jeffrey Chodorow succeed yet again with the opening of Citrus at Social, the stylish Cali-French fusion restaurant located within L.A.’s beloved Social Hollywood. The restaurant brings a whole new vibrancy to Los Angeles’ historic former Hollywood Athletic Club, a favorite amongst A-list celebrities since its legendary founding in 1924 by Charlie Chaplin, Cecil B. DeMille, and Rudolph Valentino. The exclusive compound, housing an impressive bar, lounge, and VIP space, is the perfect spot for a chic new restaurant like Citrus, where locals dine on fine cuisine under its stunning original frescoed ceilings. The restaurant’s fresh design complements Social’s sophisticated interior-citrus-green satin and sheer draperies illuminate the airy restaurant, while amber lighting and mirrored columns evoke a warm, elegant feel. An exquisite new menu captures the eclectic yet sensible nature of its famous chef, who won over Angelenos with the former Citrus on Melrose Avenue. Small bistro classics like Chicken Foie Gras precede more modern entrees like Lobster Fennel and Colorado Lamb, and decadent desserts-for which Michel is known-are an absolute must.

By Invitation Only


Thanks to Cedd Moses’ latest establishment, the ultra-exclusive, ultra-elusive Doheny, L.A.’s elite are heading downtown to Los Angeles’ Historic District. Though Moses’ vision for a revitalized downtown has spawned several alluring nightlife ventures, the developer’s latest is undoubtedly his finest-a world-class private bar and invitation-only membership club located in the landmark headquarters of oil tycoon Edward Laurence Doheny. The Doheny’s exclusive whereabouts and biometric fingerprint recognition system make gaining access to this downtown oasis a challenge, and even upon entering, guests are still regulated by stringent house rules. But that’s what is generating the frenzy surrounding L.A.’s most coveted club-that and the cocktails, impeccable concoctions fashioned by some of the world’s most established barmen. Members imbibe rare cognacs, vintage Champagnes, and artisan-crafted cocktails amidst a refined interior of rich hardwood and leather, nibbling caviar or smoking cigars in its greenhouse-converted outdoor patio. Besides the city’s finest drinks, The Doheny also offers superb concierge services, and members enjoy first-rate access to a multitude of exclusive live events, parties, art soirées, and more.

9077 Santa Monica Blvd.


Formerly The Lounge and SBE’s Lobby, the venerable Santa Monica Boulevard space is now home to the acclaimed Foxtail, an elaborate oasis in the heart of West Hollywood. Uniting elegance with socialite appeal, Foxtail consists of a small yet intricately crafted restaurant downstairs, with a hip, sophisticated club upstairs. Created by SBE Restaurant and Nightlife Group, who brought veritable hot spots like Hyde Lounge, Katsuya, and S Bar to the scene, Foxtail conjures the ravishing glamour of Hollywood’s golden era-the quintessential Hollywood supper club, much like a modern day Brown Derby. Fusing Art Deco with Art Nouveau, Foxtail’s elaborate marble floors, copper and wood-trimmed ceilings, and stained glass partitions set the tone for a luxurious dining and social experience. The restaurant boasts a menu created by famous Spago veteran and Top Chef contestant Antonia Lofaso, whose exquisite European Bistro cuisine features classic dishes like Steak Tartare with Salsify Purée and Quail Eggs. Awaiting upstairs is an exclusive bottle service lounge with an intimate dance floor, outdoor patio complete with fireplace, and SBE’s award-winning specialty cocktails. Foxtail is surely a space where L.A.’s elite will mingle in a manner similar to that of Old Hollywood’s greats.

2 Dole Dr.
888. 575.1114


The California Health and Longevity Institute at the Four Seasons Westlake Village is the quintessential lifestyle rejuvenation facility, offering a comprehensive array of custom-tailored services to invigorate its privileged guests. Integrating medicine, fitness, balance, and nutrition, CHLI’s accredited professionals first evaluate guests’ needs individually, then assiduously foster them with state-of-the art technologies and effective treatments. A stellar medical facility treats guests with both Western and alternative methods, ranging from radiology and dermatology to acupuncture and hypnotherapy. CHLI’s certified personal trainers and fitness instructors assess guests’ conditions before customizing their workouts. Mind-body workshops neutralize stress levels and educate about healthy living, while CHLI’s wellness kitchen provides a space for guests to master the art of healthy food preparation alongside expert dieticians and chefs. The hotel’s luxurious 40,000-square-foot spa-a waterfall-clad sanctuary that boasts 28 treatment rooms, four lavish suites, two relaxation lounges, several eucalyptus steam rooms, and an outdoor serenity pool-provides another sumptuous reprieve, where guests can indulge in a Swedish massage after taking a light swim, or lounge in one of several luxurious poolside cabanas.

730 North La Cienega Blvd.


Koi has been a favorite among A-list celebrities who have, for years, flocked to this Zen-inspired restaurant. Serving traditional Japanese dishes with a California twist, Koi boasts an elegant sushi bar and lounge, where fireplaces, waterscapes, and soothing earth-tones blend harmoniously, making for incredible feng shui. Designed by Thomas Schoos, whose prolific vision spawned New York’s renowned Tao, Koi embodies the cutting-edge, Asian-inspired design Schoos has undoubtedly mastered. Lining countertops with fresh orchids, walls with bamboo, and tables with glowing votive candles, the German designer has created a sexy, serene, and luminous environment that keeps his guests returning for more. A delightful array of sushi and both hot and cold dishes constitutes Koi’s impressive menu-eclectic signatures like Yellowtail Carpaccio and Miso-Bronze Black Cod continuously satisfy, while Koi’s sushi chefs continue to offer some of the freshest toro, snow crab, and octopus in town.