British Airways In Style


The nostalgia of champagne flutes and luxurious travel are at the frontline once again. Terminal 5’s £60 million renovation boasts 6 ultra-luxe lounges, which include over 1,500 works of art by Damien Hirst, Anish Kapoor Tracey Amin, and many other renowned artists. The Galleries Concorde Room, one of the VIP lounges, is available to First Class passengers and Executive Club Black cardholders. These select few will be the only ones privy to the works of art, which has put the less privileged in a state of inferiority, since they are officially personae non gratae.

The Richard Rogers Partnership, the architects behind Terminal 5, maximized the natural light using glass and steel, with a result similar to the Stansted airport designed by Norman Foster. The Terminal will feature a Tiffany’s store, which is the first one of its kind in a European airport. Since fast food is not welcome in the terminal, some may miss the greasy stench of French fries, but perhaps a flute of champagne will alleviate the sense of loss. It is certainly a great attempt to bring back glamour to the overall flying experience, an ordeal often dreaded by many.

Via London Times