Made to Order: Megayachts

Bigger, faster, more expensive…today’s megayachts are competing for superlatives on a number of levels. As yachts reach an unprecedented degree of popularity, owners are taking an active role in specifying exactly what they want from their floating mansions.
We have entered the age of the custom yacht where being beyond comparison is the most impressive superlative of them all. The vessels featured in this article are incontestable standouts whose unique specifications, technologies, and designs have raised the bar for the megayachts of the future.



 Part of its charm is that it feels much smaller than its 140-foot length.

This sailing yacht, built by the Italian company Wally Yachts, has been described by its admirers as sexy, bold, and seductive. Part of its charm is that it feels much smaller than its 140-foot length. It produces virtually no bow wave as it cuts through the water, ensuring a smooth ride. Built for a European sailing enthusiast, the ultra-sensitive controls make it possible for its owner to navigate the ship himself without the help of a large crew that would seem necessary for a vessel of this size. Since Esense launched in April 2007, Luca Bassani, the owner of Wally, has gotten a half a dozen requests for similar grand-scale sailing yachts.

Alfa Nero


This 270-foot black beauty, whose décor is inspired by the works of pop artist Roy Lichtenstein, proves that the ultimate luxury on the high seas is space. With four open decks and an infinity pool that has the ability to convert into a helipad, the Alfa Nero made an impressive debut at the Monaco yacht show last summer. Apparently the owner’s request to outfit the boat with one of the largest pools on the high seas as well as landing room for his helicopter had architects scratching their heads until designers from the naval architecture firm Nuvolari-Lenard came up with the ingenious solution of a floor that can be raised or lowered to suit either purpose.