You, Too, Can Own Your Very Own … Robosaurus?

OK, so this one stretches the meaning of “haute,” but we couldn’t resist its weirdness – and the fact that whoever DOES buy this has to have a fat stack of cash.

Robosaurus, which measures in at 42 feet tall and 58,000 pounds, was built in 1989 by Doug Malewicki, and is modeled after a Tyrannosaurus rex, though we’re pretty sure that the T-Rex couldn’t shoot 20-foot flames out of its mouth, or crush cars with its hands. Then again, cars weren’t around back then, so we guess it IS possible.

Robosaurus, labeled as “The World’s First Car-nivorous monster,” has made plenty of appearances on the big screen, and is a pop-culture icon in its own, fire-breathing right.  It will be sold on January 19, at the Barrett-Jackson Auction in Scottsdale, Arizona. Though the potential selling price is unknown, it cost Malewicki $2.2 million and one and a half years to build Robosaurus.

The winning bidder will likely need a big yard, or at least a tall garage.

Via Born Rich