1904 Rolls goes for $7.27 million


As Haute Blog profiled just a few days ago, the new Rolls Royce Phantom Tungsten hasn’t been tagged with a price yet, but here’s guessing its retail tag won’t come anywhere near the astonishing auction price paid for this classic Rolls Royce, built in 1904, which makes it the oldest Rolls around.

That’s because the century-old two-seater went for $7,274,714.

Let’s print that again: $7,274,714. That’s the price you pay for some magnificent art on wheels, it appears.

While the top bidding was expected to reach a modest $2 million, this bidding frenzy goes to show once again that uniqueness and history can play just as big a role in a high-priced purchase as high-tech gadgetry.

It is worth noting that the car is ready to roll, with a baby’s crib-silent engine, but we wouldn’t suggest taking this classic Rolls Royce out on the road.

It’s just too beautiful to look at.

Via Born Rich