Trophy Properties: Los Angeles



When the sun is shining and temperatures are exceeding 75 degrees 300 days out of the year, it comes as no surprise that Californians cherish the outdoors. The spectacular Cliff May Ranch, renovated by the renowned Michael Smith and built for individuals who want to erase the lines between inside and out, embraces the superb Southern California climate.

Cliff May Ranch boasts exceptional views from the western part of the city to the ocean that further add to the appeal of the estate. With four bedrooms plus a master suite masterpiece built for the seclusion and comfort of families, this magnificent beauty was designed in harmony for the way people want to live.

Guests can enjoy a private guesthouse consisting of two 1-bedroom suites, equipped with a billiard room, a craft room, and three bathrooms. Step outside to a huge oasis-like garden, a tranquil pool so placid one would hesitate dipping inside, and a basketball court where one-on-one becomes mandatory after dinner and dessert prepared in the main house’s gourmet kitchen.

And for those who live for creativity, remove the ballerina slippers, paintbrushes, and dumbbells out of storage. This prestigious 9,000-square-foot estate is complete with an amazing 35mm screening room and a L.A. art studio, a dance studio, and a gymnasium, making this prohibitively expensive home undoubtedly worth every penny.