In-Flight Style: Airbus A318 Elite


Public travel by plane can be a dismal haul. Commuting long hours, miles above land. Uncomfortable seating. Amenities that just don’t cut it. But let’s face it-you just aren’t able to get from New York to Los Angeles by land as fast as you would by air. Thank God private travel is an option, and when it comes to the Airbus A318 Elite, it’s a must.

With private crafts available today that provide the comfort needed in the air to make those long hours seem like mere minutes, Airbus’ corporate jet production is leading the way in luxurious travel options. The aircraft manufacturer has been accumulating attention for the production of their corporate jet aircrafts that have been outfitted to please the needs of passengers traveling for business, pleasure, or both.

Although the size of the airplanes produced by Airbus range from the Flying Palace to the A320 family, aircrafts that have short- to medium-ranges, it’s the smaller premier crafts in the Airbus Corporate Jetliner (ACJ) family that receive the most attention from private buyers. These aircrafts are the cream of the crop and are expected to bring Airbus’ reputation to the forefront of aviation.

 ACJ is a reliable company that has been in business for years, supplying corporate and VIP aircrafts for charter companies such as Jet-Alliance, Privatair, and Comlux Aviation.

Airbus produces about half of the world’s jetliners, with almost the entire other half being built by rival Boeing. Since 1989, the Airbus and Boeing manufacturers have been battling to see who will rein supreme in their market, and Boeing has managed to keep a slight edge. But in recent years, Airbus has been slowly reaching and even surpassing Boeing in both sales and delivery. In 2006, Airbus won nearly two-thirds of the orders booked worldwide for large, top-of-line corporate jets. The aircraft manufacturer is expected to reach this goal yet again thanks to the recent release of the Airbus A380, a double-deck, four-engine airliner that’s claimed the title of the largest passenger airliner in the world. Nicknamed “Superjumbo,” this flying palace (with one already sold for $300 million) provides seating for 525 people, which doubles the floor space of the second largest airliner, Boeing’s 747-400. And when it comes to customizing a corporate airliner, there’s not doubt which company currently has the edge. Even the monstrous Flying Palace was recently customized by Edése Doret Industrial Design, albeit with a $150 million design budget.

The Airbus A318 Elite, the newest addition to the ACJ crew, is extremely popular for charter companies thanks to its cabin size and capability. With two different cabin layout options allowing for seating for 14 or 18, the A318 allows for its lucky owners to design their jets from the inside-out.

And with the right selections, an A318 owner can ensure that taking a flight never has to mean leaving the comforts of home behind. Particular interior layouts can provide business centers and lounges, combining both personal luxuries and professional necessities. The A318 is equipped with the kind of connectivity needed to have both a productive and entertaining jaunt from takeoff to touchdown. And with a rear room that can be either a private office or bedroom, alongside an en suite bathroom and a main cabin that delivers unmatched comfort and space, Airbus has ensured a luxurious flight. A quiet cabin provides the peace and quiet for passengers desiring to catch up on their sleep or focus in on closing the next multi-million dollar deal. With a flying range that allows it to jet between most major cities in the world without stopping, the A318 Elite and the corporate VIP are a true match made in heaven.

ACJ is a reliable company that has been in business for years, supplying corporate and VIP aircrafts for charter companies such as Jet-Alliance, Privatair, and Comlux Aviation. The charters, depending on which Airbus model and designer they choose, provide alluring interiors that are sure to please clients whether on business or leisure trips.

Comlux Aviation, a leader in charter services, specializes in transforming the A318 into a private home in the sky. Their airplanes are engineered to guarantee comfort, have lower operating costs and a more modern design, plus superior performance and the utmost reliability-all characteristics that have been leading to the success of the A318. The increased cabin volume is divided into several luxurious sections, providing all the comfort a passenger needs in their private space. These sections offer dining and relaxing lounge areas along with a high-end surround sound system that complements the atmosphere.

With a positive reputation that is growing by the day, and the kind of engineers that pay attention to even the most minute details, Airbus’ A318 Elite is an aircraft that has the potential of pleasing both the workaholics that can’t seem to stray away from the office and the passengers that just want to forget that they are in the air.