An Abundance of Luxury: Reba Miller’s Prized Condos

When you combine prized condominiums in a real estate-obsessed community with an unbelievable marketing pitch, you get one thing: professional service from a real estate extraordinaire.

By Valentina Zuric


The old axiom of hard work and perseverance has paid off and led to a staggering reputation for Reba Miller. As president of R.P. Miller & Associates, it was Miller’s successful design renovations in the 1980s that led her to form her own team of experts, which she did with dedication, creativity, and a zest for condominium conversions.

Prior to opening R.P. Miller & Associates, Reba was creative director of cooperative and condominium sales for a 65-year-old firm where she converted 20 buildings from rental to condominium/cooperative ownership. “I had an owner’s mentality-that was the basis of my training as a real estate broker,” says Miller. After 24 years in the business, Miller is bringing Morgan Court’s prized condominiums to the marketplace, aiding third generation apartment developer Mark Perlbinder and his daughter, Muffy Flouret, in allowing buyers to become the original owners at a legendary condo building from another era.

 “In everything I do, including real estate, I make sure my materials are high-end and always professional, from the photography to the floor plans and the brochures.

In the late 1980s, Manhattan’s iconic condominium towers were driving many buildings toward foreclosure, leaving Perlbinder to sell 17 of the 40 unit condominiums in Morgan Court, the stunning building that provided the setting for the Sharon Stone thriller Sliver. Thus, he opted to hold the remaining units as high-end rentals. In fact, he believed in his own product so much, Perlbinder purchased back three of the units from owners. Today, Perlbinder, with the help of Miller, is creating a rare opportunity for buyers. These one-bedroom simplex and two-bedroom loft duplex units have been customized by Robyn Karp, who provided outstanding state of the art finishes and two choices of design, which can be viewed on site. Most importantly, the units, which include 1,116-square-foot one bedroom and 2,231-square-foot two bedroom loft duplexes, priced from $1.5 million, are available immediately, and include terraces, an abundance of space, views, white glove service, and-the ultimate luxury-privacy.

“What a difference a couple of decades make,” says Miller, noting how the newly upgraded Morgan Court residences have “actually grown in size over the years, at least statistically speaking, simply because of the way today’s apartments are measured compared to the mid-1980s.” This left brokers puzzled over why the apartments did not sell-some said the buildings were too luxurious for a busy stretch of Madison Avenue in Murray Hill. “In the ’80s, we said the post-war ’60s were the time when they built the big apartments-and in the same period, now you can very much see the difference between the ’80s and 2007,” says Miller.

It’s Morgan Court’s magnificent appeal and exterior that gives it something to be spoken about. Architect firm Liebman & Liebman modeled the building after a 14th century castle, allowing it to differ from contemporary construction with beautiful views, signature rounded corners, and an entranceway distinguished by tall iron gates.

Boasting 32 stories, Morgan Court’s boutique high-rise offers private half-floor residences and panoramic views of the New York City skyline that include the Chrysler and Empire State buildings and the East River. “It is very unlikely anyone visiting Morgan Court would walk away feeling as though they did not see something fantastic,” says Miller.

With Miller involved in virtually every facet of the deal, from renovations and contract preparations to advertising and marketing, it’s her renowned creativity in marketing and design that has established her reputation as one of the best in her field. “In everything I do, including real estate, I make sure my materials are high-end and always professional, from the photography to the floor plans and the brochures. I am grateful for the work I get, for the projects I am appointed to-I take pride in selling apartments that are of great value,” explains Miller.

Despite having over two decades of experience in the field, Miller retains the same enthusiasm for real estate as she did when she first entered the industry. With her experience with the NY market, she explains how it has proven to be resilient in marketing ups and downs. “I feel there’s certainty here-that you can know you’re getting an apartment in thirty to forty-five days in an already established condominium with a great reputation. The product is incomparable to any new construction of today. It’s an all around win-win for everyone.”